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Our on-demand printing makes it convenient for self-published authors to print and sell directly to the readers on a global platform. Self-published authors do not have to manage excess inventory and print more books than necessary bearing upfront costs.This complete publishing solution takes care of your book production, shipping, and paying your royalties.Authors can exercise more control with minimal investment with the efficient small-run printing process.

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Why Book rivers POD is the best way to deliver your printed books

Book rivers Print on demand (POD) allows you complete control over the printing process so your books reach readers in the most efficient way possible.

How it works


Book is purchased

order comes directly to us

We print, bind and package the order—even if it’s just one copy.

Ship & Paid

Printed books are shipped back to the retailer or wholesaler for fulfillment to their buyers.We collect the payment, deduct all printing and selling costs, and pay you the net sales.